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23 September 2009 @ 06:27 am
Alrighty - I'm looking to get this thing restarted now that I've joined a lot of more active Sailormoon communities...I'm hoping it'll succeed, but I'm going to try to recruit some more players for the Inner senshi.

If any of you guys are still interested in playing, comment here. Otherwise in the next week I'll be removing everyone and playing the recruitment game.

29 March 2009 @ 11:39 am
For those that didn't come here via the advertisement, this is a "teaser" for the overall plotline of this RPG. Hopefully this will give you a better starting point, so we can get this show on the road!

Two years after the Three Lights returned to Kinmoku to rebuild their home, Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru finally open a new chapter of Earth's history with their long-awaited marriage. But peace is not guaranteed when a new threat appears, bent on destroying their and everyone else's "happy ending." Where did this new threat come from, and what does this mean for the future of Crystal Tokyo? New challenges surface for the Senshi and the ones they love, as they are yet again faced with challenges that pierce them to the core: what is their happy ending, and is it one that they truly want?


...so what does this mean, RP-wise? Well, for starters I suggest you spend a lot of time emphasizing what your character wishes for their future. There is an overtone of "happy endings" for this "season" of gameplay, and I think it also gives us an opportunity to delve further into the characters we know and love.

Happy gaming!

08 March 2009 @ 07:33 pm
This is a list of frequently asked questions to help address any plot holes or questions that pertain specifically to this RPG. It is provided in order to seamlessly transition between the end of Stars to the current date of the RPG canon.

1. How old are the senshi when this RPG starts?

The core Inner Senshi are all starting their first year of university. This would mean that Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka are all in their appropriate years in university, and Hotaru and Chibiusa should be in junior high school.

2. Why are the Starlights still male upon their return to Earth?

This is pending, awaiting the discussion the three players are having. Originally this decided by the Lights merely due to convenience--a source of income (mostly to accommodate Yaten's expensive habits) and saving them the trouble to create entirely new backgrounds.

3. Are you following the manga or anime continuity?

Primarily we are following the anime continuity, save for perhaps small details or additional happenings in the manga that serve as a supplement, and not a source of conflict for the canon. Since both manga and anime are considered true canon, if someone chooses to have something because it occurs in the manga, as long as it doesn't outrightly conflict with anime canon, it is accepted.

4. Why are all the senshi keeping online journals?

Because they're teenage girls, of course!! But additionally, each character has their own reasons for keeping a journal, feel free to discuss it in your introduction post.

5. Who are the villians for this RPG "season," and why are they here?

The villians for this "season" are The Witch, The Beast, The Prince, The Bard, The Maiden, and their leader, Princess Grim. Collectively they are inhabitants and tenants of the Yoake Toshokan -- The Sunset Library, where all storybook characters whose suns have set go to rest. Their purpose is  to vengefully retrieve the happy endings they were once robbed of--stomping down whoever is in their way. Their youma are all extracted from books--and don't necessarily have to be villians at first.

6. Who is majoring in what, and are all the senshi going to the same college?

This is also something that can be clarified in individual character journals.

7. Where is {insert character here}?

For Setsuna, it is up to her to clarify where she has been during her hiatus. Since we currently do not have a few characters, they will be handled in the following manner:
Luna: Until claimed, may be NPC'ed by Usagi when needed.
Chibiusa: In the future, may come back whenever, and can be assisted by Pluto.
Artemis: Until claimed, may be NPC'ed by Minako when needed.
Diana: Not permitted into play until Chibiusa is taken. (I don't see this being a problem..?)
Rei: Until claimed, let's assume she is touring somewhere in Europe with her politician father.
Kakyuu: This is entirely up to the discretion of the Three Lights to either come up with a reason she is not there, or she may be NPC'ed until a player claims her.
Mamoru: Until the character is claimed, Usagi may decide the reasons of his absence.

8. Can I take more than one character?

Should you wish to play more than one character, that is entirely permissible. However, you are limited to only one senshi. For example, your secondary character may be Naru-chan, Umino, one of the cats, Motoki-kun, Urawa-kun, Helios (with mod approval), or, at the moderator's discretion, other past season characters.

9. What are the privacy settings on the journals?

Out-of-character, all character posts must be open for everyone to read. The only friends-only posts will be made in this community, when pertaining to contact information to avoid solicitation.

In-character, however, posts may be signified in their subject field as the following:

[Private] - This is when the journal entry is visible only to the poster. These are secrets that the character doesn't really want anyone to know about. This could be about crushes, fights, worries, etc.

[Screened: (character)] - This is when only the character(s) listed in the subject are permitted to know about and respond to a post. For example, if Makoto posts an entry titled "[Screened: Minako] About That Guy We Met..." that means only Minako can in-character read and respond to the post. Another example, if Yaten posts an entry titled "[Screened: Starlights Only] The Princess's Condition" only Taiki and Seiya can read it and comment on it.

This can also be played out with LJ-cuts. For example, an entire entry could be open to the entire cast to read, but towards the end of the same entry, the player can post <lj-cut text="Screened: Hotaru"> and type something only for Hotaru to read.

Additionally, comments can be played out the same way. If there is any need for clarification, please comment below and let us know.

10. Where do I post chat logs/scenes?

All chat logs, scenes, entries and in-character activity go on character journals. If there is a scene with multiple players, it only needs to be posted on one character's journal. If someone is proposing a scene, they would make their opening post, and at the end, put something like this:

(tag--[character names here])

...and let a character comment with their action next! You can indicate that the scene is open for anyone, or closed only to particular players.

11. Real life calls! What if I need to take a hiatus?

Totally understandable! If you need to take a hiatus, simply notify everyone on the community with an estimated amount of time you expect to be gone. Please also do an in-character post giving an in-character reason your character won't be around, if applicable.

If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you entrust one of your fellow players into playing your character for you, in order to keep the game from being held up. You may ask someone you know will handle your character well, or ask for volunteers. This is optional of course, but if the moderators find it necessary, they might strongly encourage you to do so.

12. I ship {character} and {character}! Can I RP that?

All shipping, save for things explicitly in canon (MamoruxUsagi, HarukaxMichiru, LunaxArtemis, Seiya-->Usagi??) must be developed and roleplayed out. Don't expect feelings to be reciprocated immediately, if ever, and understand that in order for it to be reciprocated, it must be consentual and tastefully done. (Read: in character!)

13. How do I deal with a difficult player?

I have faith that all of us will get along well---we want to save the drama for in-character, right? If there is something bothering you about a particular player's conduct, it's best to talk to the player one-on-one. Keep a log of the conversation, just in case things are not resolved and you need to bring it to a moderator's attention, you will have evidence and it won't be left to mere he-said-she-said. Please, at all times, if you can let it go, please let it go. The moderators are generally attentive, and if lack of activity is an issue, we've probably already recognized it and have developed actions towards it.

14. Can I use Japanese in my posts?

Please use Japanese sparingly. The suffixes are most definitely appropriate and encouraged, and small things like "Moshi moshi" and "Ittadakimasu!" are all right. But things that can be easily translated such as "hai" and "arigatou" are generally frowned upon when there is a simple English counterpart. Some of us speak Japanese fluently, and some of us not at all. We're all English-speakers, so let's try to stick with a little consistency, ok?

15. I have a plot idea! Can I do it?

We LOVE plot ideas! Please feel free to toss out feelers for minor and sub-plots--things that aren't severe and don't require moderator approval. For anything major--hospitalization, major illnesses, deaths, pet-adoptions, moving, battles, villian interaction, etc...please contact a moderator to iron out details. =3
02 March 2009 @ 06:14 pm
Hello everyone! I am so excited to finally get this RPG started! We have some exceptional players joining us for what I am certain will be a wonderful new addition to Sailormoon fanon!

I am currently in the process of formulating a FAQ for players, potential newcomers, and any readers of our story! I would like to know if there are any questions that you feel should be answered pertaining to your characters or other characters! The majority of things on this FAQ should be considered OOC knowledge only, and can only be found out through RP. Anything you want to be made common knowledge to the rest of of "cast" should be written out in public posts via your character's journal.

Here are some questions that will be addressed in the FAQ:

1. How old are the senshi when this RPG starts?
2. Why are the Starlights still male upon their return to Earth?
3. Are you following the manga or anime continuity?
4. Why are all the senshi keeping online journals?
5. Who are the villians for this RPG "season," and why are they here?
6. Who is majoring in what, and are all the senshi going to the same college?
7. Where is {insert character here}.
8. Can I take more than one character?
9. What are the privacy settings on the journals?
10. Where do I post chat logs/scenes?
11. Real life calls! What if I need to take a hiatus?
12. I ship {character} and {character}! Can I RP that?
13. How do I deal with a difficult player?
14. Can I use Japanese in my posts?
15. I have a plot idea! Can I do it?

...please post and let me know if there is anything else you would like me address in this FAQ! Thanks!

23 January 2009 @ 01:26 pm


Tsukino Usagi/Sailormoon : open
Mizuno Ami/Sailormercury : aquaticbeauty
Hino Rei/Sailormars : open
Kino Makoto/Sailorjupiter : open
Aino Minako/Sailorvenus : open
Tsukino Usagi "Chibiusa"/Sailorchibimoon : open
Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedokamen : open
Luna : open
Artemis : open
Diana : open


Meiou Setsuna/Sailorpluto : open
Kaioh Michiru/Sailorneptune : open
Tenoh Haruka/Sailoruranus : open
Tomoe Hotaru/Sailorsaturn : open


Seiya Kou/Sailorstarfighter : open
Taiki Kou/Sailorstarmaker : open
Yaten Kou/Sailorstarhealer : open
Princess Kakyuu/Sailorkakyuu : open


Professor Souichi Tomoe : professortomoe

23 January 2010 @ 12:19 pm
1. Please fill out this application and mail to: sungoesdownRPG at gmail dot com

Name: (alias acceptable, of course)
Contact E-mail:
Character Applying For:
Character Description: It's been two years. What is your character doing now? What are your character's dreams for the future? Be sure to include any key relationships you find neccessary to mention. Best friends? Family? (Please, unless it's canon, refrain from establishing romantic relationships prior to roleplaying them out.)
Personality: What is your character like? Tell us his/her secrets, dreams, loves, hates, weaknesses and strengths...the more detail, the better!

Roleplay Sample:
Journal Sample: As your character, you are expected to keep a first-person account of your character's goings-on in the game. These can be private entries (if indicated) or open for all the other characters to read and reply to. Use your character's voice, and appropriate typing mannerisms. Watch for typos and grammar. We want articulate players. =3

Scene Sample: For group scenes, we would like you to write in third-person narrative. This is essentially group fanfiction writing. You cannot write for other characters, only your own. So hit us with your best shot!